ActiveCampaign – Why should you use this marketing platform for your business?

Are you a Small to Medium sized Business Owner and worried about its growth?

Although there can be many reasons for lack of growth in business, but do you know that not using Email Marketing properly in your business is also one of the signals of negative growth.

Email Marketing is a method using which you can reach millions of people sitting at home, sell your services to them, and create a strong customer base. Correct use of this technique can help you generate passive income in no time.

Nowadays, to make email marketing better, many email marketing tools have come in the market with the help of which you can do even the most difficult tasks easily.

So let's know about one such marketing platform or tool ActiveCampaign on which more than 150,000 people have expressed their trust and have taken their business to a new level.

As you know that email marketing helps you to reach the specified target audience. For example, if you run a coaching business and want to sell one of your e-books, then email marketing can prove to be very helpful for you. You just need to create a high quality e-book, for the rest of marketing and promotion you can take the help of any email marketing tool and reach your product to thousands or lakhs of people.

With the help of some special email marketing tools, you can do this work very easily and accurately. However, if you want to understand email marketing a little better then you can read this article. Here we have mentioned the facts related to email marketing.

Complete information about ActiveCampaign

What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a complete marketing platform that provides you with premium features like email marketing, marketing automation, CRM tools, etc. that help in improving your customer experience.

This tool works best for small to medium sized businesses. If you are a digital marketer, a blogger, run an Ecommerce store, or have an agency, through this tool you can grow a specific targeted audience for your business or website.

With the help of this tool, you can automate your sales, marketing, and customer support and create a great optimized customer experience.

Let us now know about some special features of this platform.

ActiveCampaign Features

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing

This feature helps you in creating a great email newsletter and campaign. With its help, you can present to your audience only what they want.

Along with this, you get all these facilities under this tool:-

  • With the help of this feature, Broadcast Emails, Triggered Emails, Targeted Emails, Email Autoresponders, Email Funnels, and Scheduled Emails can be created.
  • Using the drag & drop tool, you can create a great email campaign in just a few minutes.
  • Email segmentation and dynamic content helps in customizing your message and delivering it to the right audience.
  • With the help of A/B testing, you can test which email is working better for you and then re-optimize it so that its click rate and open rate are higher and your sales can increase.
  • ActiveCampaign provides you 125 pre designed email templates under its email marketing feature which you can use anytime. All these templates are B2B and B2C friendly and responsive and can also be easily integrated with HTML. However, you can always customize your email templates according to your customer.
  • You get a free trial of 14 days in which you do not even need a credit card for active campaign signup.

Marketing Automation

Automation is like an additional virtual employee that helps you organize your work and plan properly.

With the help of this feature, you can automate a welcome email series and also collect information from any offline or digital channels like social media, live chat, landing pages, etc. which helps in automating your marketing. Is.

You can do all these things under the automation feature of ActiveCampaign:-

  • With the help of simple drag & drop automation tool, you can automate tasks like email, text messages, facebook ads, lead nurturing, lead scoring, etc. in just no time.
  • You can deliver personalized follow ups by automating your segments.
  • With the help of marketing automation platform, you can see complete reports of your customers and understand them better. This helps in improving your marketing strategy.
  • Marketing automation platform provides you with features like site tracking, sign-up forms, migration services, goal tracking, advanced reporting, attribution, split action, lead scoring, and notification emails that can help you improve your marketing campaigns and create a strong customer experience Helps in creating.

CRM and Sales Automation

CRM stands for customer relationship management. With the help of this feature of ActiveCampaign, you can automate sales in which CRM tools help you a lot.

ActiveCampaign CRM tools help you manage welcome emails and lead generation, automate various tasks, and schedule calls.

With the help of ActiveCampaign CRM and Sales Automation tool you can do all this:-

  • ActiveCampaign CRM and Sales Automation keeps your tasks from piling up and also helps you with lead prioritization and contact management, making your entire sales process smooth.
  • You no longer need to track down leads' phone numbers, email addresses, and contact details from different platforms because you can now manage all your contacts on one platform. From your contact records you can view the history of your leads and manage your sales.
  • Features like lead scoring and win probability of this tool help you in telling how much to focus on which lead, when to send them outreach emails and when to call them.
  • If you are already using any sales tools, then you can also integrate CRM with those sales tools.

Machine Learning

As you know how machine learning has made our work easier. Now you do not need to sit in front of your computers for hours collecting and managing data. With the help of machine learning you can do this work easily.

ActiveCampaign machine learning platform allows you to filter customer data so that you can take better decisions in your business.

Nowadays unnecessary online data has increased a lot. But, with the help of machine learning tools, you focus only on the important data and details that help you scale your business.

Services and Migration

If you are using any old email marketing tool / platform, you can migrate it to ActiveCampaign anytime for free.

You can choose any of the various plans of ActiveCampaign depending on your subscribers count and make proper use of the free migration service. You also get the facility to import your subscribers list, CRM data, email templates, and automation etc. to ActiveCampaign for free.

ActiveCampaign when switching platforms,
  • Helps you import your lists, contacts, custom fields, and tags.
  • Helps in re-creating opt-in forms and landing pages.
  • Automation helps in recreating the workflow.
  • Helps in recreating email templates.

Inbox Extensions

Under this feature, you are given email extensions for Chrome and Outlook which help in making your communication smooth.

You have to quickly access your leads to increase your customer base and increase sales. ActiveCampaign's Gmail and Outlook extensions help you stay connected with your leads.

Also with the help of these extensions, you

  • You can view your CRM info from your inbox.
  • You can add new contacts very easily.
  • You can create deals and update them instantly.
  • Can create, mark, and assign various tasks.
  • With the help of Office and share point add-in, you can keep track of your most important sales data and manage it as per your convenience.

Tools and Templates

You will rarely see this kind of feature in any other email marketing platform.

This feature of ActiveCampaign provides you with a variety of marketing tools and templates (called recipes) based on your industry.

The most special thing about this feature is that you get a filter option under which you can search the best tool for yourself by applying different types of filters.

Pros and Cons of ActiveCampaign


  1. Many free templates have been provided, due to which you do not need to do tasks like page building, form creating, campaign creating, and automation etc. from scratch.
  2. Lead scoring feature helps you to identify a convertible and non-convertible lead.
  3. Its powerful marketing automation feature has the ability to run your business on autopilot mode.
  4. ActiveCampaign machine learning tool provides the facility to organize your data, with the help of which you can take better decisions in your business.
  5. Even if you don't know how to design, you can easily create your email and page content using Active Campaign's easy-to-use drag & drop builder tool.


  1. Email segmentaion is good but it needs to be improved further.
  2. The pricing of ActiveCampaign tool depends on the number of subscribers, so if your number of subscribers is high then this tool may prove to be very expensive for you.
  3. There are many tools listed together in ActiveCampaign, which sometimes becomes a cause of trouble for a new user because he is not able to navigate its various features easily.

How to Setup Account on ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign provides you a free trial of 14 days
If you also want to setup an account on ActiveCampaign, then you will have to go through these 5-steps.

  1. First of all you will need an email id and also you will need your contact no. Will also have to be provided.
  2. In the second step, you will be asked about your business, such as which industry your business belongs to, how many people work in your business, etc.
  3. In the next step, a screen opens in front of you in which you are asked what goal you want to achieve from your business. Now as soon as you select some of your goals, you are taken to the next screen.
  4. In this step, if you use any online tool for your business then you have to mention that tool. However, some online platforms are already listed on the screen, if you use any of these platforms, you can select that too.
  5. In the next step you are given the option to create a password.
Congratulations!! Your ActiveCampaign account is setup and you've reached the getting started section of the ActiveCampaign tool. Now you can perform your tasks as per your business requirement.

How does ActiveCampaign help your business growth?

ActiveCampaign really gives your campaign an active look. It is a tool that is constantly in the evolution phase and is providing solutions to its customers as per their needs.

Let us know how this tool can take your business to new heights.

  • Its powerful automation builder tool saves your precious time which you can utilize elsewhere and grow your business.
  • Its strong CRM handles your heavy contact load which you can later categorize and sell your services.
  • It is a perfect tool for the complete customer cycle which helps you from generating leads to converting leads and building a good relationship with them.
  • You can give your marketing strategy a new and advanced look by integrating your CRM with over 850 sales software and tools.
  • Its prebuilt recipes / tools / automation always help your small to midsize business to grow.

ActiveCampaign Pricing Plans

ActiveCampaign offers you four types of plans, Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise.

You can choose any of these four plans depending on the number of your contacts.

These plans offer you different pricing ranges from 500-100000 contacts and if your contacts are more than 100000 then ActiveCampaign gives you the facility to customize the plan as per your requirement.

Apart from this, if your business is related to B2C category, B2B category, or Ecommerce, then you get to see different features in all these four plans depending on the category of your business.

How to Join ActiveCampaign – ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

ActiveCampaign affiliate program is counted among the most liked affiliate programs. This program offers you commission ranging from 20% to 30%.

Let's take a look at some of the special features of this affiliate program.

  • You get 20% to 30% commission on your every referral and signup.
  • It is not necessary that you also be a customer of ActiveCampaign. All you have to do is generate the affiliate link and share it with your contact list.
  • You are given access to new resources in the affiliate portal and are also informed about product updates.
  • You are made a member of the online influencer community where you can interact with other successful influencers and share your success stories.
  • You do not need any special effort to close the deal, rather you just have to refer the leads to ActiveCampaign and the deal closing is done by the sales team of ActiveCampaign.


Email Marketing is an emerging business of today's era which is giving opportunity to millions of people to earn money sitting at home. If you are an expert in any work then you can also earn good money by teaching that work to people and teaching them that work. If you want, you can design your own e-book and send it to the target audience using email marketing.

However, in today's time, email is no longer just a simple text content, people want something different and different which not only looks attractive but also persuades them to subscribe to the email and ultimately buy your product.

You can use the ActiveCampaign tool for similar tasks. Not only this, apart from designing emails, you can also do important work for marketing your product through this tool.

These tools find out the interest, vision, and objective of your visitors, based on which you can run a great email campaign so that you can convert those visitors into your customers.