Mailchimp: The Best Tool to Start Email Marketing

Do you know why email marketing is such a popular discipline?
It has the power to take your sales from 4x to 40x to 400x.

It is very important to have an email marketing strategy in any digital marketing campaign.

To execute your email marketing strategy, you need Email Service Providers, who can give you all the solutions related to Email Marketing and also give you Complete Marketing Solutions.

With email marketing we can easily target our prospects.
By taking the services of Email Service Providers, we can nurture these prospects in customized ways.

I have explained email marketing in detail in this blog.

Today we are going to learn about one such Email Service Provider Mailchimp, look at its features and see how it is the best tool to start Email Marketing.

Bonus Tip: If your Contact List is less than 2000 and you want to send less than 10000 Emails every month, then it is free for you!

Now you must have understood why Mailchimp is best for beginners!

Let's try to understand it completely. 

Complete information about Mailchimp

Are you a Small Business Owner or have just entered the blogging space or want to run your Email Marketing Campaign after learning Digital Marketing and are confused about which Email Service Provider to choose?

So the answer is Mailchimp!

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is one of the well-known Email Service Providers which helps you in all the strategies related to Email Marketing.

It is designed especially for small businesses, although startups have also appreciated Mailchimp a lot.

Along with email marketing, it also gives you many features to take your business online. You can also market your business easily with its help.

It is an All-In-One Marketing Platform, using which you can build relationships with people who are interested in your products and services. You can also nurture the people who have joined you through Mailchimp.

Mailchimp Features

Which features make it special?

Audience Management:

This feature provides the following facilities to manage people interested in your products and services (your existing customers, your leads and prospects):

1. Even if you are a small business owner, maintaining customer relations must be in your marketing strategies. With the Marketing CRM feature, you can build relationships with your audience and understand them better.
2. Using Signup Forms you can create Unlimited Free Forms. You can create attractive Pop-Up Forms for your website that have the ability to convert visitors into subscribers.
3. With Segmentation, you can divide your audience, what will happen is that whoever is interested in any of your products, they will just receive emails related to this product.
4. With Behavioral Targeting, you can set automated responses keeping in mind the actions and likes and dislikes of your audience.
5. With Predicted Demographics, Mailchimp automatically finds out the age and gender of the audience for you. With this feature you will be able to reach the audience which can be your potential customers.
6. By using Tags & Custom Fields, you can label the audience in such a way based on these details, which is important for you to know.

Creative Tools

Through content you deliver value to your audience. Obviously, the content will be creative, only then readers will stay connected with you. Creative Tools and Features found in it:

1. In Content Studio, you can store all your creatives, templates and other files in one place, share it with your team, and add them to any campaign in just a few clicks.
2. Creative Assistant works like AI for you. It easily creates creatives like images and infographics for you in just a few clicks and can also optimize them for many platforms.
3. Dynamic Content gives you the freedom to create and market content that increases engagements. Its best feature is that you can personalize the same email at different levels. Drag & Drop feature also makes it user friendly.
4. With Subject Line Helper, you can write engaging copies, which will increase the open rates of your emails. If Open Rates are good, it can be assumed that your subscribers are definitely getting value.
5. Campaign Templates offers you pre-designed templates using which you can design professional emails & landing pages without any graphic designer and without coding.

Marketing Automation

By setting up automations you can run your business on autopilot. Freedom comes when you automate repetitive tasks. Freedom of time.
All features are available in Marketing Automation:

1. With Customer Journeys you can create a scenario of how a customer will come from the start point to the endpoint. For this, Mailchimp already has many pre-built Journeys, which you can explore. We can understand Journeys as Email Sequence.

Additionally, you can also create a personalized customer journey (email sequences), in which you can set automated marketing workflows as per the customer. You can also set automations based on behavior. When you send Trigger Emails at the right time, conversions definitely happen.

You can make your customers feel special with Date-Based Automations like Birthday Wishes, Anniversary Wishes, this makes your CRM game much stronger.
2. Mailchimp offers 250+ Integrations.
Integrations let you create an automated workflow by connecting Mailchimp to other Web Apps & Services.
For example, by integrating your Facebook account with Mailchimp, you can automatically add your followers to Mailchimp's audience list.

Insights & Analysis

Made email marketing strategy and also ran campaigns. Now is the time for analysis. It is important to analyze the campaigns and optimize them.
Mailchimp offers these features for Insights & Analysis:

1. Mailchimp gives separate reports for each activity, like separate reports for Email Campaigns, separate for Landing Pages, separate for Automations, etc. Reports contain a lot of insights such as Open rates, Click Rates, etc. By analyzing which changes can be made.
2. When you connect your store to Mailchimp, it will automatically find products for you that your customers are interested in, using the Smart Recommendations feature. When you promote only these products through email, your sales will increase.
3. A/B Testing is available to you with Premium Plan. Under this feature you can test many permutations and combinations of Subject Lines, Creatives, Body Copy. To analyze the results of A/B testing, Mailchimp provides complete information about each combination, which permutations and combinations attracted how many clicks.
4. By running surveys, you get feedback from the audience, which is very important for every marketing strategy. From the results that come from the survey, you can find out what your audience is interested in and what they want.
5. Content Optimizer is a recently launched feature with the help of which you can compare your content with the best email copies. Content Optimizer also prompts you which creative will be right for it.

Pros and Cons of Mailchimp

Like everything has two sides, Mailchimp has some positives and some negatives as well.


1. Its biggest plus point is that it is the best tool to start email marketing. For free, you can send 10,000 emails per month to 2000 contacts, but only 2,000 emails per day!!
2. You can also import your designed email templates in Mailchimp. With this you get many options to make your emails attractive.
3. With Social Media Marketing you can optimize Social Media. Mailchimp also allows running PPC ads.
4. It also has a built-in photo editor using which you can immediately edit your images as per the campaigns. In Content Studio, you can also store your content and data in one place.
5. Its built-in Live Preview shows you previews of emails and other creatives according to mobiles, laptops and desktops, in this you can optimize your email templates for responsiveness.
6. Mailchimp's interface is user-friendly.


1. Mailchimp is good only for beginners. As the contacts list increases, Mailchimp becomes quite expensive compared to other email service providers.
2. When you blast emails by subscribing to the free plan, the Mailchimp logo appears in the footer. If you want to remove it, you will have to upgrade to paid plans.
3. A/B Testing is not included in its free plan.
4. Everyone has access to resources, but Mailchimp offers customer support on phone only in Premium Plans.
In the Free Plan, you get customer support, that too only through email, for the first 30 days.
In Essential and Standard Plan, you get customer support 24*7 on Chat and Email.
5. Mailchimp is not for Affiliate Marketers.
6. Mailchimp is quite dynamic. It keeps getting updated regularly due to which there can be a lot of problems in using it.

What Can Mailchimp Do For You?

Online Presence

In today's times, how important is it for every business to have an online presence.
With Mailchimp you can take your business online.

1. You can easily create your website with the website builder tool. Customizations can also be done easily in this.
2. Online Stores is a new feature of Mailchimp with which you can create a virtual shop. This is a paid feature in which you pay only when you have a sale. Using its other marketing features, you can target the right audience, bring traffic, and start your e-commerce sales process.
3. Mailchimp's Website Builder tool is also designed in such a way that you can add Online Appointment Scheduling services to it. With Customized Services you can set up Unlimited Services with many customizations based on which you can schedule Appointments. This is a paid feature.
4. Mailchimp also offers domain services. You can start building your website with its pre-designed templates by purchasing a domain from Mailchimp itself.


Marketing is very important for any business. There should be a right strategy for that. With Mailchimp, you can manage all marketing related tasks from a single platform. The better your campaigns, the better the campaign results. What are the weapons that Mailchimp offers to launch a marketing campaign?

1. Email Marketing is its main weapon with the help of which you can draft attractive emails. Statistics show that Social Media Marketing generates better sales than Email Marketing.

It also gives you pre-built templates to draft emails, and its Creative Assistant has the ability to create designs as per your brand.
Run your campaigns on automations with Customer Journeys.
According to the Insights and Reports that Mailchimp gives you, you can optimize your Email Marketing Campaigns to bring better results.
2. With Free Landing Page Builder, you can create attractive landing pages, which will compel your audience to connect with you. By combining other marketing tools with your landing page, you can bring traffic to it and can also upsell your products by promoting them.
3. You can also run digital ads like Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads with Mailchimp. You can also run Google Remarketing Ads and Mailchimp allows you to run Retargeting Ads on Facebook and Instagram.
4. You can do Social Media Marketing for your business. Social media marketing includes your social media optimization and paid ads. Mailchimp allows you to repurpose content, through this you can optimize your campaigns well.
5. You can print postcards (letters) and send them to your audience. This is a paid feature. Sending postcards is a very classic way of promotions. When you send postcards, it creates a personalized touch. You can also track postcards in Mailchimp's dashboard to know where your postcard is in transit and when it will be delivered. Hardly any other Email Services Provider will give you this feature.

How to Create Industry Specific Strategies with Mailchimp?

This is best for small businesses and those who want to start their email marketing campaign.

With Mailchimp you can run campaigns by creating customized and personalized strategies for multiple business areas.

E Commerce & Retail

By connecting your online store with Mailchimp you can target customers. Using Marketing Automation, Digital Ads and Customer Journeys, hitting abandoned cart customers at the right time can increase sales. You can also personalize your creatives by segmenting your audience with Audience Management.

Mobile & Web Apps

If you cater to Mobile Apps or SaaS sector, then with Mailchimp you can store data related to your In App User Activity and marketing together.
You can set up Event Based Automation by tracking user activity.


It is very important for Startups to collect prospects, because only these prospects emerge as Beta Customers. In such a situation, to attract customers, you can create personalized campaigns using many features of Mailchimp. This gives your Startup a good push in the market and also gets a lot of publicity.

Create Feedback Forms to get feedback from Beta Customers, pay attention to the feedback, make changes and you will definitely see your Startup growing.

Freelancers & Agencies

Mailchimp has created a community for freelancers and agencies, named Mailchimp & Co. By joining this community you

  1. Can learn new skills,
  2. Can find new clients,
  3. You can access special tools that Mailchimp has created just for Freelancers and Digital Agencies.
  4. You can be the first to take advantage of new features by becoming an Insider.
By upgrading your level, you can become a Partner and then a Pro Partner.


To become a member you just have to accept the Terms & Conditions.

For Financial Rewards and more benefits, you have to add 2 Paid Clients to your account.

This allows you to learn new skills along with client tools from Mailchimp Academy.

Many times such content, newsletters and events are kept which are only for the members of Mailchimp & Co.


To become a Partner, you have to connect 10 or more Paid Clients to your account and complete the Foundation Course from Mailchimp Academy. Only after this you are called Partner.

On becoming a partner, you get listing in the Partner Directory, reference material is given to make new clients, better support is also given. Many other benefits are also available.

Pro Partner

To become a Pro Partner, you have to connect 20 or more Paid Clients to your account, complete the Foundation Course from Mailchimp Academy, and complete Email Marketing or Email Automation Certifications from here.

Pro Partners get priority ranking in the Mailchimp Directory, along with access to Account Managers and other benefits.


When you join Mailchimp & Co, the benefits you get depend on your membership levels.

Click here to understand the benefits.

How to Setup Account on Mailchimp?

  1. Click on Signup Free
  2. Enter your email ID
  3. In the “Username” field, enter a Username
  4. Enter your password and click on Signup
  5. Basic details include your name, business name, URL of your website; Fill all the details.
  6. Fill all the details in Address details.
  7. In the next set you will be asked about the contact list, choose the best suitable option for you.
  8. Choose whatever product or service you want to sell through Mailchimp.
  9. Congratulations! Your Mailchimp account has been created.
In this way you can easily create your new account on Mailchimp.

What types of Mailchimp Pricing Plans are there?

Mailchimp caters to three types of domains,
  1. Marketing Platforms
  2. Websites & Commerce
  3. Transactional Emails
Here we are trying to understand the price plans of Marketing Platforms.

Website & Commerce Plans are designed like this:

Mailchimp's offers for Transactional Emails are like this:


Mailchimp is an email marketing weapon that gives you complete marketing solutions, using which you can run completely customized campaigns, target audiences in personalized ways and get better sales conversions.

It is a useful tool that will help you in creating and implementing marketing strategies for your business.

It makes all marketing related tasks very easy, from automations, so you can scale your business.

Join Mailchimp today!