Marketing Automation – Do You Really Need It?

Have you heard about those robots which have started doing the work of humans these days? You might have heard it. Due to technological progress, nowadays many such machines and robots have come which have completely replaced some of the tasks of humans.

This replacement has had a negative impact on people's jobs. The work which was earlier done by two or three people together is now being done very easily with the help of machines or robots.

But, now a digital era has come, where not robots but online softwares carry out the tasks. These online software automate your tasks due to which your involvement in that work is significantly reduced and you can focus on other tasks.

Therefore, these softwares are used a lot for marketing, in which they contribute in every way in Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Email Automation, etc.

Today in this blog we will try to know about every fact related to Marketing Automation and understand what is Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Meaning, Marketing Automation Strategies, Marketing Automation Platforms, and many other things.

So let's start this blog without any delay.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a process by which you can automate all your repetitive tasks by using various Softwares, Applications, and Technology.

Any business generally involves the following types of repetitive tasks – sending emails, running ad campaigns, making regular posts on social media, etc.

If you involve yourself in these tasks then you are not able to give time to many other important tasks (eg. Team Meeting, Planning, Strategizing, Etc.). This not only affects your business, but you are also not able to give a personalized experience to your customers.

Therefore, it is important to understand which of your tasks you need to automate, so that you can work with your full potential and create new strategies for the growth of your business.

Keeping all these points in mind, we have tried to explain marketing automation for you.

After reading this, you must have got some idea about Marketing Automation and understood what is Marketing Automation and what is meant by Marketing Automation (Marketing Automation Meaning). Now let us talk about its benefits and why it is so important for your business.

Marketing Automation Benefits & How It Helps Grow Your Business?

When your business starts growing, handling your new and old customers becomes a time consuming & costly process for you. There you need a weapon that gives you the freedom to help more people in less time and can fulfill the demand of your customers.

All this can be possible only through Marketing Automation. If you have not yet implemented it in your business, then do it today and now, because it has not just one but many benefits. Some of the benefits we have discussed here

Increase Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate means how many people (Leads) you are able to convert into your customers with the help of different processes.

Conversion rate increases only when you continuously give value to your leads and keep interacting with them. However, it is not always possible to interact with your leads because you do not have to talk to just one person, but interact with thousands of people and for that, Marketing Automation Strategy comes in handy.

With the help of Marketing Automation Technique you manage your Leads. Under this, you first track them, retarget them by interacting with them, and finally make them your customer. This increases your customer conversion rate and increases your business.

Save Money And Time & Increase Work Efficiency

Do you want to increase the overall revenue of your business or reduce the overall expenditure of your business? If yes then you can do all this work using various Marketing Automation Platforms.

Where you need 4 different employees to do 4 different tasks, with the help of Automation Technique you can automate the same 4 tasks with the help of different Automation Softwares.

You just have to setup the Automation System in the beginning and after that all the work gets done automatically.

By doing this your business cost not only reduces but your work efficiency also increases.

For example – where you used to post something on your various social media platforms every day, now you can automate them through Marketing Automation Software and select the time and date so that it automatically posts on that time and date. are posted accordingly and your team can plan other important tasks.

The advancement in technology in the last several decades has made almost all tasks much easier. The tasks which earlier took several days to complete are now completed in just a few hours. But, with the help of automation technology, those few hours of tasks are now being completed in just a few minutes.

This not only saves your precious time but also gives you more time to plan your business growth, create new strategies and implement them.

Help In Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing means continuously interacting with your leads and giving them value. The ultimate goal of Lead Nurturing is to convert leads and convert them into customers.

Under the Lead Nurturing Process, you send various emails to your leads in which you tell them about the benefits of your product or service, about discounts, and about the launch of a new product or service.

Email Marketing Automation Software gives you the facility of Email Automation. Under this, you can run email campaigns for your prospects, use autoresponders and segment your emails.

Without Lead Nurturing, it can be very difficult for you to convert Leads to Client.

Help Retain Existing Customers

With the help of Marketing Automation, you can easily access your customers' data, details, etc. and understand their problems well.

With the help of Marketing Automation Tools, it is easy for you to manage customer data. Because of this you are able to retarget them in a better way and provide quality service. Providing quality service increases your customers' trust in your company and thus they remain connected with you.

Help Improve Your Marketing Strategy

With the help of Marketing Automation Tools, you are able to check the effectiveness of your various marketing campaigns.

Also, if any of your marketing or sales strategies do not work at any stage, your marketing team finds a solution as soon as possible. This does not have any negative impact on your Customer Engagement, rather the loopholes in your strategy are eliminated and you are able to make more sales.

Eliminate Human Error Risk

It has been observed that in most of the cases, Automation Techniques are used to complete repetitive tasks.

It is the nature of us humans that sometimes our attention gets distracted while doing some repetitive tasks, concentration gets lost from that work, due to which there is a possibility of mistakes.

Therefore, in our day-to-day business where the possibility of repetitive tasks is high, Marketing Automation Softwares help a lot.

Automating all these tasks brings smoothness to the entire workflow and all the tasks They get done without any interruption or delay and you don't need any other team member to handle those tasks.

Help Make Your Customer Journey Personalized

Personalization means streamlining the Leads to Customer Conversion Process or making it so easy that whenever, wherever, and whatever dilemma arises, it can be resolved immediately and your customer can get a better experience.

For example – sometimes it may be that your leads have to use different platforms to complete different processes and they are taking more time there. Because of this, many times some leads get upset and postpone the work and in this way you may have to lose a new customer.

With the use of marketing automation, you can automate all those tasks in one place and in a single click and provide a personalized facility to your customers.

Under this, you first collect the details of your Leads and send all the details to the Concerned Sales Team. This gives a personalized touch to their journey and in return you get a new customer. With this, it does not take you long to convert your one-time customer into your fan and he always remains connected to you.

Marketing Automation Uses

Marketing Automation Techniques are used to automate all the processes, steps, paths, etc. that are responsible for converting a visitor into a customer. Many activities are included under automation, such as Social Media Automation, Data Management, Lead Management, Email Marketing Automation, etc.

Along with this, there are many uses of marketing automation, some of the main ones are mentioned below.

In Onboarding Emails

Onboarding Email is an email that is sent to a client when he buys one of your products or services.

By sending this you can start the Client Nurturing Process and start a new journey with your client. In this new journey, you can give information to your existing customer about other products, tell about any offer, and plan a giveaway. With all these things your customer remains with you for a long time.

In Automating Social Media

With the help of Marketing Automation, you can automate your brand message on various social media handles and create your brand value.

By using automation, you can post your brand message on various social media platforms in a particular time frame. This also increases your user engagement and you also get a chance to interact with thousands of your followers.

You can automate your social media in different ways and the best way is to analyze all your platforms and see which platform is getting more engagement. If there is more engagement on Instagram then you will have to automate your lead to conversion process in such a way that your leads go through various steps to reach your payment gateway and buy your product.

Customer Data Management

Data Management System is a very important part of marketing automation. Many things come under Data Management System like tracking the customer, understanding his interaction, getting information about what steps he is taking etc.

With all these things it becomes very easy to target customers and also increases engagement.

Under this process, you can easily track your customers and carry out processes like Email Segmentation, Autoresponders, Email Sequencing with the help of Email Automation Software which helps you in Lead Nurturing.

Building Healthy Relations With Prospects & Customers

If someone answers your questions quickly and accurately, you will definitely trust that person.

Similarly, whenever you automate your different tasks, your Leads or Prospects & Customers get answers to all their questions simultaneously, which saves their time.

In this way you are successful in building a healthy relationship with them and you get a long-term client.

Automatically Suggest Content To Users By Using AI

Marketing Automation Software uses various processes as well as AI Technology, with the help of which they analyze the visitor's Behavior Pattern & Content Consumption Pattern and suggest content of their choice to them.

Being a marketer, you have to analyze which is the right time and which is the right content type due to which your conversion is increasing. Through this data, you can trigger the right content in front of your customers at the right time by adopting various Marketing Automation Strategies.

The use of AI helps in customer personalization and improves the customer's experience so that he remains connected to your business for a longer period of time.

Marketing Automation Strategies

Create Smart Content To Drive Growth

Smart Content is that content which you can change according to your customer's behavior and interest or in other words, Smart Content is a dynamic content which you can customize according to your user's interest, action, behavior, etc.

A smart content increases the interaction between you and the user. To create dynamic content, you have to use content marketing well and increase engagement with your users.

It has been seen in some reports that before reaching a sales page, buyers look at 2-4 different content pieces, understand them, and then take a decision. Therefore, it becomes important for you to optimize your content using the right automation strategy and convert as many leads as possible.

However, it has been seen many times that only Blog Posts, Articles, & Product Description are not enough to attract visitors, you have to create some visual representation (eg. Videos, Slides, GIFs, etc.)

Set Up Drip Campaign To Target Specific Customers

It is very important to have a Drip Campaign for your Automated Marketing. This helps in your Lead Nurturing.

Drip Campaign is a kind of automation process where decisions are taken based on the online behavior of your customers.

You cannot send the same type of email to your email list of thousands of people, rather you have to create specific emails for specific leads.

For example, if a visitor signs up to your email, then you send him a welcome email under your Drip Campaign, and if he visits any of your product pages, then you can send him content & offers related to your product. .

In this way you gradually convert it by going through various Marketing & Sales Automation Steps.

Strengthen Your Team Collaboration With Automation Tools

In today's time, one of the reasons for low business revenue is poor communication among the team. Due to this, there is a tussle between different teams of the company regarding data, details, customer information, etc. and the customer is not able to get answers at the right time and in the right manner. This not only has a bad effect on your existing customers, but new customers also shy away from coming.

By using various Automation Tools, you can make some strategies so that the data of all your new and old customers can be available to every department (Marketing, Sales, Accounts, etc.) and your business runs smoothly.

Email Sequencing & Broadcasting For Turning Leads Into Customers

Under Email Sequencing & Broadcasting, you get the facility to create a Series Of Emails. Under this, with the help of an Email Marketing Automation Tool, you can sequence emails to your new customers (but also to old customers and Leads) and broadcast them on any date and time.

This starts your interaction with your new customer and you can gradually give him the content he likes based on his actions & behavior, get him to sign up for your webinar, and get more information about your new products. And you can also promote services.

Monitor Results

It is very important to track and manage the performance of your business. Many business owners consider it a small task and do not track it. If your marketing automation strategy doesn't include tracking & monitoring, then you really need to change your strategy.

Nowadays, many such automation tools have come which track visitors, customers, tell about their engagement rate, and do A/B testing. Under this strategy, you can mark those points which are hindering your result.

This gives you the advantage that you can tell your support team and the concerned department about all these highlighted points, and can also work with more efficiency.


Automating any process not only saves your time but also reduces your business expenses.

In this blog we talked about Marketing Automation and understood how this technology is important to run a business smoothly.

With the help of Automation Technique, a good business model can be created by combining Marketing & Sales together. By doing this, you and your team get enough time to plan & execute other important tasks.