Email Marketing – Is Email Marketing Dead?


Is Email Marketing Really Dead in 2024?


In fact, Email Marketing is still a great way to do direct marketing.

In this article, I will tell you

  • What is Email Marketing?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of Email Marketing?
  • What tools are available for email marketing?
  • How to make email marketing effective?

What is Email Marketing?

When we use email to contact our customers, this method of marketing is called email marketing.

Email is a very quiet and effective way of communication.

Email Marketing is such a science that if we gain skill in it then we can do a lot of business using it.

According to me, in the field of digital marketing, there are only two assets which stay with you in the long term,

  • One is your WEBSITE
  • The Second one is your EMAIL LIST

All other social media apps will come and go,

Your website and your email list will never leave you.

There are many types in Email Marketing,

According to the purpose of email marketing, it is divided into,

such as
  • Welcome Emails
  • Information Emails
  • Transactional Emails
  • Newsletter Emails
  • Lead Nurturing Emails
  • Sponsorship Emails
  • Sales Letter Emails
  • Re-Engagement Emails
  • Brand Story Emails
  • Review Request Emails
  • And others

Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing has many Advantages:

  1. Cheap – Email marketing is considered cheaper than other marketing methods.
  2. Easy – Email marketing is easy to learn and use.
  3. Target audience – Email marketing can precisely reach the audience you are targeting
  4. Target Message – The message you want to give or understand to the other person, you can clearly tell and explain it in detail.
  5. Non Disturbing – Email marketing is considered to be more peaceful than social media because the customer reads the email only when he has time.
  6. Non-irritating – Due to email marketing, the customer does not get irritated easily.
  7. Long Format – In email marketing you can say anything in detail and can also explain it in detail using photos, videos.
  8. Easy to unsubscribe – If a customer gets upset with email marketing, it is easy for him to get out of your list i.e. unsubscribe.
  9. Easy Tracking – You can track every email sent through email marketing, whether that email was delivered or not, opened or not, whether the link was clicked or not, etc.
  10. Professional – Email marketing is considered more professional than other methods and most customers read all emails carefully.

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

Although there are no specific disadvantages of email marketing, but if email marketing is used incorrectly, it can cause some disadvantages like
  1. If the email list is filled with meaningless email ids, then the cost of email marketing starts looking expensive.
  2. If emails are sent without good content, customers get bored and start ignoring them.
  3. Customers can easily opt out of your email list by unsubscribing. This should always be remembered.

Email Marketing Tools

There are many email marketing tools available in the market.

We should keep these things in mind before selecting a good tool

  1. The deliverability of the tool should be good. Meaning, how many percent of sent emails are delivered?
  2. Inbox – Do sent emails reach Inbox or Spam folder or Promotion folder?
  3. How easy is the tool to use
  4. What is the cost of the tool, how expensive is it?
  5. Does it allow you to clean and maintain an email list?
  6. Whether there are regular features like broadcast and sequence or not
  7. It would be better if there is automation.
There are a lot of email marketing tools available today.

Among them I am telling you the top 5

Top 5 Email Marketing Tools

  1. ConvertKit :
  2. Getresponse :
  3. Mailchimp :
  4. Activecampaign :
  5. Aweber :

Ways to Make Email Marketing Effective

To get good results in email marketing, consider these things

  • Create your own email list
  • Never Buy Leads
  • Always Respect Your Customers
  • Always provide some value in emails
  • Don't send emails just for the purpose of selling them.
  • The more heartily you write an email, the more the person will like it.
  • Send email on a fixed schedule
  • Use photos and videos in emails
  • Create segments in your email list according to the characteristics of the customer/lead and then write emails keeping those qualities in mind so that the reader likes and understands more.
  • Personalize the email, like write the email in the name of the customer, do not send the common email to everyone.
  • Keep in mind that most people now read emails on mobile, so pay attention to how your email will appear on mobile.
  • When should the email be sent, optimize it according to your customer, that is right timing is also important.
  • Email design should be clean and beautiful
  • Remove cold leads from your email list, i.e. those leads who never respond. keep the list clean
  • Take advantage of A/B testing if you have multiple email ideas for the same topic.
  • The more you use automation, sequences and auto responders, the better it will be.

Uses of Email Marketing

Email marketing can be used for many things

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • Newsletter Circulation
  • To notify transaction
  • To send information
  • To give feedback
  • for selling courses
  • To Sell Products/Services


Email Marketing is a unique method of direct marketing and it should be used fully.

Even today, thousands of people run and manage their business through Email Marketing.

This is always a very effective method for affiliate marketing, blogging and selling products or services.

There are many good tools available in the market, most of which are free to start with.

should take advantage of

Practice is the best teacher to learn Email Marketing well.