Search Engine Marketing – New strategy to grow business!

With increasing digitalisation, marketing has undergone a huge evolution from billboards and newspapers to social media and the internet. This change led to the birth of search engine marketing. You must have seen various advertisements on TV and newspapers. You know that all these are a part of a marketing campaign. But now such ads are not limited to these mediums only. They have turned to the Internet because it offers a larger scope of potential sales and greater reach. To harness this vast reach, it is important to understand the science of SEM. In this blog, you will understand everything about SEM.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

SEM provides an opportunity to increase your visibility on the internet in paid ways. This is considered paid search marketing. Various brands and companies pay huge amounts of money for people to have their online presence. Advance Paid Searches and SEO were taken as integrated but now it is not so. Now Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is just one of the paid search strategies to market your brand. Companies and brands pay a certain amount to bring their website or content in SERP in search results.

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Keywords play a very important role in Search Engine Marketing. Selected keywords are used by brands in their web content or in various other forms to top their results. These keywords are selected according to user frequency. Keywords are related to searches done by users. Mainly the words which users are searching to get information about related products are used. Now whenever the user types the relevant keyword, searches containing the keyword will appear. Apart from relevant SERPs, users also get ads from brands. These are ads given by search engines. However, brands need to pay only as per user click frequency.

Almost every web page which has high reach can be seen in search results. Users do not get such ads which have low web traffic or low reach.

All ads that appear on web search results pages have an “AD” symbol indicating that they are paid ads. Sometimes paid ads are also shown as carousels in search results.

SEM Platform

Now you know about ‘SEM ADS’ and the ‘Search Result Pages’ on which they are placed. So you already have a basic idea about SEM Platforms. The platforms on which these paid ads are placed are called SEM platforms.

Top SEM Platforms:
The most common search engine that we use nowadays is Google. Users make billions of searches on Google every day. It promises to provide a huge reach for huge search companies and brands. Similarly, Bing also has a base of 3 million users which is different from Google. It also adds ads from Yahoo and MSN which are its partner sites. If you want to target a user base that doesn't use Google, then Bing is a good option for you. Search Engine Platforms can be considered as Hosting Providers for Search Engine Marketing.

Every day, billions of users search for different things on Google. Every search provides an opportunity to present people with the possibility of making sales of your brand or products. It also provides a huge scope of Brand Building and Image Boosting.

Why SEM is Important?

If you are still wondering why SEM is important then let us discuss all the useful effects it can do for your company or brand. You already know the common benefits of SEM like Huge Reach, Potential Customer Base, Brand Building, etc. Apart from these general reasons there are various specific reasons which make SEM a very important part of marketing.

1. Increased profits

All search engines provide profitable platforms to showcase your brands. Google also has fact-based data about the beneficial effects of branding on this. Data says that any business can double their investment through Adwords. But it is not so easy to accomplish this. To really get such huge benefits you need to understand the technicalities, basics and all other important aspects of SEM. Strategic approach is very important for using Adwords or other similar platforms for SEM.

2. Conversion Centric Approach

Marketing is done to get more money and increase sales. But there are also different forms of conversion that are associated with SEM. You can talk about increased customers, web traffic, entries, engagement etc. All such conversions help in increasing the brand value of the company. High conversion rate is important for any type of marketing campaign. Ads are mainly related to the landing page. Such pages are designed to provide a call to action that helps in driving maximum conversions.

3. Enhanced Brand Awareness

SEM for Brand Awareness is still a very new and untapped field, but its unlimited potential cannot be dismissed. Even if you don't get conversions or clicks, ads featuring your brand name and logo are still seen by people. But we notice the brand name or type of product and this is the ultimate goal to create brand awareness. It also helps in creating a list of comparisons in the mind of the users or audience. Comparison is ultimately considered a good way to bring a person's attention to a particular cue.

4. Reaching out to smaller users

Sometimes companies or brands feel that the money spent on SEM is not worth the benefits it provides. Although this is not true. The main focus should be on the right strategy and SEM can do wonders for your brand. We have also mentioned above how Google can help brands gain profits, they can double their investment. This creates an amazing opportunity to increase reach. Therefore if the right strategy is used it offers the potential for increased ROI.

5. Targeted Local Marketing

For Targeted Local Marketing, SEM comes out as a real elixir. Especially the targeted marketing that it offers is unmatched. It helps in increasing website traffic by targeting your local customers. For local marketers, it is important to collect local customers. When someone searches for an unusual item, the search engine provides various results nearby.

6. Web Traffic and Engagement

For any brand, increasing web traffic and engagement using SEM would be a wise decision. It not only provides increased web traffic but it also provides consistent web traffic. This helps maintain their distance vision and cell. To help in increasing better traffic and making future strategies, SEM comes out as a very handy tool.

7. Pragmatic Approach

When people search for a particular product, they only see related results along with related search ads. This means that there is already a demand or need for that particular entity or service and good ads are providing access to fulfill the need.

SEM Advantages and Disadvantages

Here, we will discuss the advantages of SEM in more detail.

If you're tired of guessing and working with assumptions, use SEM. Because it provides high numbers and mediocre results. Google Ads provides a detailed report on every behavior that occurs in your SEM.

  1. You get a chance to work with real-time data and check on it through SEM. We are mostly discussing Google because it is the biggest search engine right now.
  2. The payment cycle of Search Ads is also very convenient. You need to get paid only as per the clicks that are clicked and nothing more.
  3. If we look at other Marketing Techniques like Product Marketing, SEO, etc. They take time to show results. Whereas SEM provides faster results and increases reach right after launch.
  4. It provides a good scope of segmentation. This means that you get a chance to directly reach people who are interested in your brand or its related product or company.
Everything has two sides, one good and one bad. Similarly, SEM has various obvious aspects but it also has some shortcoming points.

Now after discussing the Advantages let us discuss all the Disadvantages of SEM.

  1. If we calculate Long Term Payment of SEM then it can go high. In a way, SEM only works as long as you pay for it.
  2. It has become a very competitive field. There are too many brands fighting for the same niche and keywords. In such a case, the process of building your position among all your potential customers is not very easy. There is also increased marketing cost which affects ROI in negative ways.

Concepts in SEM

There are many concepts in SEM that are used for marketing. Let us discuss them here which will help you further increase your knowledge about SEM.


Keywords can be considered as the biggest foundation of our SEM strategies. Keywords are words that are used by users in search engines to find the results they need.

2. Ad Group

These are groups of words that are divided into campaigns. It helps in expressing the limits where the daily budget and for the states.

3. Impressions

This shows the number of times ads are run for users.


This is actually the impression a click produces and is expressed as a percentage.

5. CPC

This determines the average capital per click. You can determine the CPC to maintain your SEM budget.

6. Quality Level

This is the score of the keyword determined by Google. It presents the relationship between Payment and Click.

How SEM Works?

Online marketing strategy should be based on SEM. If you're trying to create a good marketing plan, understand how SEM works.

  1. Algorithm plays a very important role in SEM. If you want to excel in SEM and online marketing then understand the algorithm of SEM. It helps in understanding the need and inclination of the users.
  2. SEM takes keyword research as its main working principle. The use of keywords is the main task if you are trying to implement SEM.
  3. The keywords used by users are further divided into brands and companies for their visibility. Charge payment is required for this.

Importance of keywords in SEM

Keywords can be considered as the main concept of SEM. Since our prior discussion, you would already have an idea in mind about the importance of keywords in SEM. Here, we will discuss the importance of keywords in SEM.

  1. If you are considering Web Traffic Ratio for a website or URL then keep in mind that it is completely related to keywords. Keywords are also a very important concept for SEO which gathers traffic. People search specific keywords and this search brings them to your URL.
  2. Keywords help in bringing users finally to your landing page. Preparing a list of keywords is the first thing you do.
  3. Relevance of keywords only helps in attracting potential customers or users towards your brand.
  4. Keywords help ensure that your online marketing plan is in front of only the key interested users.

Strategies for SEM

Let us discuss some important strategies for SEM.

  1. Keep in mind what your target customers and your reach target are before starting.
  2. Then, work on building a good website. It should be fast, effective, easy to navigate and interactive.
  3. Use keywords that show good relevance and provide a large number of users.
  4. Update the content continuously. Updating content regularly helps ensure that all your content is in line with changing user perspectives and dynamics.
  5. Add Social Media Platforms Links to Your Content. It helps in enhancing and creating various new bound relationships which help in increasing the reach.
  6. When we talk about online marketing and SEM, don't forget to work on your off-page SEO.
  7. You should connect all your social media handles to each other and try to create one social network for all of them. This network will help in building a strong Customer Growth and Engagement Flow.

Best SEM Tools

There are various SEM tools that you can use to make your SEM strategy effective and efficient. Let us discuss some important SEM tools that will help you save time as well as money.
  1. supermetrics
  2. shape
  3. SEMrush
  4. HubSpot
All these above discussed tools provide a lot of free as well as paid services that you can use to enhance your SEM. They provide assistance in building your marketing campaigns as well as organizing your ongoing SEO practices.

How is SEM beneficial to your business?

When your ads start working on web pages, the ability to get more clicks and conversions also starts. It is a simple and easily understood concept. This makes the use of SEM easy and beneficial for businesses. You can really create effective strategies to market your business and run ads.

Why do you need to choose Search Engine Marketing?

There is double the customer base available for any brand on the internet. This is just a mere number because the possibility of increasing the customer base through the Internet is beyond limits.

This is why internet marketing has become an integral part of any brand's marketing strategy. You can reach huge number of people with just one post.


SEM can help us completely elevate marketing strategies. Various marketing strategies provide an integrated aspect towards increasing the reach of a brand.

SEM plays a vital role in retaining and bringing engagement of the entire customer base and website of any brand or company. SEM has become essential in the world of digitization as it provides us the path towards huge opportunities. Google is the most used search engine today. In the current marketing trend, SEM is mostly done for Google. But there are other search engines that you can use in your marketing campaign.

In this new time, Internet is dominating every field. So make sure you keep yourself updated and utilize the full potential of the internet for your marketing. SEM is a huge discipline. We have tried to cover a large part of it. If you want to read more about online marketing then check out our website for more quality content like this. SEM is not very difficult to understand if you take the right approach. SEO and SEM have always been a topic of importance as well as interest.

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SEM helps in building and maintaining networks in this dynamic world of digitalization. You get good ROI and engagement with SEM.