Why is Social Media Optimization (SMO) important?

Do you know that if an offline business is shifted online and its presence & reach is increased, then its revenue increases manifold?

Yes. You read it correctly. Under this, the primary need for taking any business online is a website for that business.

But the question is that we will take the business online but how will we increase its Reach & Presence? Just creating a website will not suffice.

So the answer to this question is by creating a digital ecosystem.

Although there are many parts of digital ecosystem like SEO, SEM, SMM, etc. But Social Media Optimization (also known as SMO) is an integral part of it.

In today's blog we are going to talk about this integral part (SMO). We will look at what SMO is, what are its benefits, what are its myths, and many more.

So stay with us till the end. Let us begin.

What is Social Media Optimization ?

Social Media Optimization includes those free strategies of Content Marketing through which various Social Media Platforms & Social Media Pages of any business are optimized. These include – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Business Website.

By optimizing all these social media platforms, any business can increase its online presence and extend its reach to thousands and millions of people.

There can be different ways to optimize social media like – you can target some posts daily on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn and can convey information related to your business and industry to people.

Apart from this, you can schedule one or two Tweets daily through Twitter and post them at the right time.

By doing this, you reach your target customers and introduce them to your business model by giving them the link of your business website. After this you gradually convert them by nurturing them.

In this way this entire cycle continues, the first step of which is Social Media Optimization and the last step is Lead Conversion.

An interesting thing is that you can do all this work very easily by adopting some strategies of Marketing Automation. This also reduces your involvement and gives you a chance to focus on other SMO strategies.

Let us understand why we need Social Media Optimization (SMO) and what are the benefits of adopting it.

Benefits of Social Media Optimization and why is it important for business?

Now you must have started getting some idea of what Social Media Optimization is. Let us now see in this section why SMO plays an important role in making the business profitable and what are the benefits it brings to the business.

Increases your online presence

If you present some new content to people under SMO, then people will get a chance to know about you and the authority and brand visibility of your website will increase.

You can design your various posts in such a way that you can give information about some new things and attract people. If people like your posts, then it is possible that some of them may also share them further. This will also give you free marketing and people will also start knowing you.

Also, you can give some links of your website pages inside those posts so that people see your content and go to your website.

Quality traffic arrives on your business website

Whenever you do any business, you keep a specific target audience in mind and do lead conversion.

By using Social Media Optimization Techniques, you attract only those people with your content who need your products and services so that they can solve their business problems. Such people are called Quality Traffic.

Quality Traffic not only increases your revenue but also improves the ranking of your business website. People spend more time on your website due to which the bounce rate of your website reduces which is a good ranking factor according to SEO.

A Good Customer Interaction Helps in Generating Quality Leads

Social Media Optimization Techniques helps in your Customer Interaction.

If your various social media applications are well optimized and you are continuously posting good content and providing value to your audience, then the chances increase that engagement on that post increases and your customers interact with you.

Another thing to note here is that if your interaction is fast & quick and your followers start getting responses quickly, then it will not take much time for them to get impressed and in this way you will get quality leads.

You can convert these quality leads by continuously nurturing them and posting knowledgeable posts and increase your revenue.

Reach of your business increases

SMO is an effective way to increase the reach of your business. With its help, you can reach your niche audience and make your business profitable by providing them valuable products.

Increasing reach through Social Media Optimization has also become easy because in today's time, due to digital revolution, mobile and internet have reached every person and they can use various social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. . Have started using it. Therefore, now it has become important to use the right SMO Strategies to increase the reach of the business.

Your search engine ranking improves

Whether you are blogging or doing any online business, you always have to keep your content user friendly so that you can get maximum engagement on your content.

While optimizing your social media apps, keep in mind that you have given a link to your business website. By doing this, whenever User Engagement & Interaction increases on your social media and people reach your website from that link, then your website comes in the sight of Google and then Google ranks your website keeping in mind various ranking factors. Is.

Apart from this, even if your content is unique and optimized according to the search engine, Google brings your website higher in the search results.

You Get More Sales

As we saw above how SMO helps in the growth of your business and brings quality leads.

Once quality leads arrive on your website, you take their details like Email, Phone No., Address, etc. and then the work of nurturing them begins.

There can be many methods of Lead Nurturing like – Email Marketing, Webinar Hosting, Providing Free E Books, etc.

After Lead Nurturing, those people who like your product, service and content become your customers. In this way the revenue of your business keeps increasing.

*This is a Free Marketing Strategy for your Business (Bonus Benefit)*

Search Media Optimization (SMO) is a type of Free Marketing. Under this strategy, you do not have to invest any money for marketing your business. Gradually you have to bring new content for your audience and generate quality leads.

With this strategy, you get results slowly but surely and on this pretext you also get a chance to interact with many people.

Common Thoughts Related to Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization is undoubtedly the right way to make your business profitable. But, due to many fake marketers and wrong information, people have some common thoughts towards it.

It is important to eliminate these imaginary ideas because it is possible that due to these myths many people do not use these platforms and do not even want to do so. Therefore it is important to make them aware of the truth.

People come to your social media platforms themselves

If you also think that people will come to you or your social media platforms, then perhaps you are wrong.

See, people don't know who you are, what business you do, what product you are selling, etc. They don't even know that you are on social media and keep posting on things related to your business. In this situation, how can you think that those people will come to you and see your content.

You will have to work hard and create an identity for yourself on various social sites. For this, you may need a team that looks at the content related to your business, looks at the graphics, and also optimizes it according to search engines before posting the post.

Only after doing all these things, you will start seeing some results and gradually your recognition among people will start increasing and you will start generating quality leads.

No need to read all reviews

See, every person has the freedom to share his ideas or feedback. Similarly, on social media also, each of your customers has the freedom to give a review of your product or service after using it.

In such a situation, sometimes along with positive reviews, negative reviews also come. But some business owners misunderstand that these people are haters who are deliberately making negative comments.

But the thing to keep in mind here is that all those people making negative comments are not your haters, rather some comments are also made by your genuine customers which you have to read and understand their views. From their comments, you can understand where your product or service is lacking and whether people are not benefiting from its use or not.

After knowing all these facts, you investigate your product and present it to people in a new form. Therefore, it is very important to read all types of reviews.

It is necessary to be active on all social apps.

If you have started your new business or have shifted your offline business online, then perhaps you may feel that it would be better to create an account on all the popular social media platforms. With this you will be able to connect with more and more people.

But if you ask this question to an expert businessman, you will get the opposite answer and you will hear that “No, there is no need to create accounts on all social media platforms. Choose only a few platforms where you can devote your time. To a large extent this is also true.

You have to find out on which social media platform your target audience is more engaged and uses it. By doing this you will be able to choose the right platform and save your precious time.

With this you can create your own Social Media Marketing Strategies and take your business to greater heights using various Marketing Automation Tools.

Profitability of your business increases with more fans & followers.

Well, it is true that to grow your business you will have to create more and more followers & fans. For this you will have to use Organic & Inorganic Strategies.

But, would you like some fake followers to be added to your followers list? No.

But many business owners do this. In order to increase their follower list, they add followers by wrong means who have nothing to do with their business.

In such a situation, many times your actual followers come to know that there is not as much engagement on your posts as you are showing. In the end, you may also have to lose your actual followers (whom you could have converted).

If you add such followers or subscribers who are not adding any value to your business or taking any actions, then there is no use of keeping such people on your social media.

Just Social Media Optimization is enough for Business Growth

Social Media Optimization is a way to connect a new business with people. Therefore, it cannot be said at all that SMO is the only way for business growth.

SMO is an organic method of Lead Generation included in Digital Marketing. Apart from this, there are many other methods (like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing (CM)) which cannot be ignored.

You have to spend almost the same amount of time in SEO & CM as you spend in SMO, only then you can get quality leads.


In this blog, we mentioned many facts related to Social Media Optimization and tried to know its benefits and some common imaginary ideas related to it.

If you are also thinking of shifting your business from offline to online, then it becomes very important for you to optimize various social media platforms. It works like an online identity of your business which increases the reach of your business manifold.

SMO is seen as a free marketing strategy. But this does not mean that anyone will do it easily.

So I hope that by reading the blog of Social Media Optimization, you would have got information about many new things.

You can ask your thoughts and questions in the comment box below. I will try to answer you all.