Content Monetization – Top Ways To Achieve Financial Freedom

Due to Internet Advancement, sharing information with people in the world has become easier to a great extent. 

Many years ago, postal service was used to inquire about the well-being of a loved one or to give any information. 

Apart from this, all other types of information were limited to books only at that time. 

But, as technological advancements took place, the phone was invented, people started using this new tool to communicate with each other. 

But, in today's era where continuous advancements are taking place in technology, almost all types of information are available on Search Engines & Online Platforms. 

Every day, millions of different types of queries are searched, content is shared and posted on all these platforms. 

Their biggest advantage is that no matter where in the world you are sitting, the content is available in front of you in just one click. 

And nowadays, with the advent of mobile phones, computers, and laptops, consuming content has become even easier. 

But do you know that money can also be earned by using content properly?

But, for this you will have to become a Content Creator instead of a Content Consumer. 

Content creator is a person who tells people about something through content or creates content. 

For this, there is a need to acquire expertise in a particular skill. And then by creating content based on this, people are told about the benefits of it. 

Example – If you have Digital Marketing skills and you know that people can benefit from it, then you can prepare content related to Digital Marketing Industry and share it with people through your website or through various social media platforms. These skills can be taught.  

Let us now talk about how you can generate a good income with the help of content creation and monetize your content.

Content Marketing

As the name suggests, Content Marketing means marketing your content. Marketing means taking your content to the people. 

This content can be either free or paid. 

This method is a very important part of your digital ecosystem.

But the question comes that how to do content marketing and how to monetize it?

The most important thing for content marketing is your niche or field selection, around which you can plan your content. 

Niche is a field in which you are an expert or rather in which you have expertise. 

For example, if you do blogging, then instead of writing about everything, you can write about a specific field (in which you have expertise), like – Food, Travel, Interior Design, etc. 

You have a skill and you have also selected your niche, so now it comes to creating content based on that skill and creating your online presence as well as your online community. 

For this, first of all you will have to design a website where you will tell and make people aware about yourself and the benefits of that skill. 

Along with this, you will have to create your profile on various social media platforms and start posting content. 

You can post content in any form. It can be textual, it can be video content, it can be in audio form, and it can also be in the form of infographics. 

You can post content on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and grow your audience. 

Gradually, when you keep content posting continuous, your audience will start forming organically and followers will start building.

However, you can also use paid strategies to promote your content and increase followers. 

Along with this, as your follower base starts building and people start liking your free information, you will be able to create an additional source of income by creating your premium content and sharing it with your audience. 

So ultimately in Content Marketing you have to tell people about things related to your skill, field or industry and sell your Exclusive Content, Premium Course, Product or Service by connecting with them.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing refers to the marketing technique in which people buy the products and services suggested by you after seeing you as an influencer.

These can be your own products and services, any premium knowledge of yours, any course, etc.

The two important things that help a normal person to get the status of an influencer are –
Expertise in a field and continuously create premium quality content around that field or industry or skill and keep providing value to people.

As you keep posting valuable and unique content on your various social media profiles, people will keep trusting you.

This will increase your influence, followers will increase and you will be called an influencer.

The most special thing about influencer marketing is that you do not have to spend much money to become an influencer.

Rather, you just have to learn some nuances of Content Marketing and know the art of presenting your valuable content to the people.

As you keep creating valuable and unique content, people will keep connecting with you and you will have a good following.

In such a situation, brands related to your industry will also contact you.

Brands will want you to promote their product or service. This is called brand promotion.

You will do brand promotion and charge some money in return.

You can do this brand promotion on various channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc.

Apart from this, being a digital influencer, you can also collaborate with brands.

You can interview famous names of brands, work with them on ads and being an influencer marketer, you can also monetize your time.

When you do brand promotions or brand collaborations and recommend a product, then your audience or your followers also trust that product and buy it.

With this, you get some product commission and the brand is also paying you money.

Course Creation

The most important requirement for course creation is expertise in any skill.

To gain expertise, first you have to learn that skill yourself, do internships, work, and apply all the fundamentals involved in that skill practically.

Gradually, as you start understanding things, you will gain confidence and you will come one step closer to creating your own course.

You can use video, textual, infographic, or audio content to create a course.

To decide this, you will first have to do market research and see what kind of content people from your industry are creating, is it valuable too?

Are they selling a basic content by making it exclusive content?

After researching all these things, if you feel that textual content is more liked or you can explain better in text form, then you can create e-books and sell them on various online platforms.

However, if you look at the current trend, you will find that video content is more liked.

So you can create a course of your pre-recorded videos and sell it on platforms like Udemy, Skillshare and earn some money.

Apart from this, you can also list your courses on Teachable.

For selling courses, you can create your own website and sell them there.

You can arrange one or two virtual live classes every week for your enrolled members (who have bought your course), so that their doubts can be cleared.

Along with this, you can design your Premium Course in such a way where you keep some paid tasks and if the members complete those tasks then they are given some money or tokens or a coupon code.

By creating a course in this way, curiosity and enthusiasm will remain in your tribe and you will be able to create a great digital community of your own.


Blogging is a skill in which people are making good money by making it their full-time career.

Blogging means designing a website on which you can help people with the help of your content, teach them something, and add some value to their life.

By doing this, if your website gets traffic and you are successful in attracting people of a specific community to your website, then you can monetize your blog and earn money in dollars.

Now if we talk about Blogging Platforms, then two Platforms or Content Management System are quite famous and used for this.

These are &

Let's understand a little about both of them.

Blogger: Blogger is a platform of Google on which you can start your blog.

It also provides you Free Domain & Free Hosting, but in this you cannot change your Domain Name according to your wish. In the domain name, you get

Blogger does not give you many features, but the security of your website is in the hands of Google.

However, if you want to create a blog as just a hobby, then you can choose Blogger. You will need to work hard to monetize it.

If you plan about monetization, then you have to keep in mind that your blog is getting a lot of traffic every month.

So if you are looking at blogging as a profession and thinking how to earn money through blogging, then WordPress is the best recommended platform.

WordPress: This is a Content Management System on which you can start your blogging career and convert it into a high income generating asset.

For this, you have to buy a domain name and hosting and design your website on

You do not need coding knowledge to design a website, because everything is pre-designed in it.

By selecting a specific niche, you have to create a blog of your own and post regular content.

Along with this, you have to create your profile on various social media platforms and share your content and bring maximum traffic to your blog.

Once you get quality traffic, you can monetize your blog in the following ways:

Google AdSense: Through this, you run ads on your blog and Google gives you money in return.

You get Google AdSense approval only when you are getting quality & relevant traffic and you have not used any illegal ways to bring traffic.

People are earning thousands of dollars every month by putting AdSense on their website, so you should not be left behind.

Affiliate Marketing: This is a method of digital marketing in which you earn money by selling someone else's products.

Under this, you have to put the link of products related to your niche or industry on your blog.

Now as soon as a person buys that product by clicking on that link, you get some commission in return.

If I tell about Affiliate Marketing, then it is such a thing that you are earning even while you are sleeping. Meaning, it is not known whether you are sleeping or awake, but you are definitely earning money.

Guest Posting: If your blog has become a popular blog and is getting traffic of millions, then many new bloggers would like to do guest post on your blog.

Guest Post means content written by another person on a famous blog.

You can charge them some money on their guest post and mention their name in return.

By doing this, they will get a shoutout from your high authority blog and traffic will also start coming to their blog.

Brand Promotions: Just like brand advertisement is done by a famous celebrity, similarly if your blog is famous or popular then brands will contact you for promotion of their new product or service.

It is possible that you may have to write a complete review article for their product or promote the product in a relevant blog.

Through all these methods, you can generate a good income by doing brand sponsorship or brand promotion.

Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, you do not need to sell your products, rather you promote products related to your niche or field or industry and earn money in the form of commission.

To promote products, you will have to partner with some companies which offer different types of affiliate programs.

These mainly include – Amazon Associates, ClickBank, vCommission, etc.

But you must be thinking that where will we sell these products? We do not have any such platform where we can sell these products by adding their link..

Your question is absolutely justified because for this you will need a platform where you get some traffic.

When traffic comes, only then there will be more chances that someone will buy your linked products.

You can use these strategies to bring traffic and add links:

  1. You can do blogging and give the link of your affiliate product in your different blogs.If a reader likes your content, then it is possible that he/she may also buy the affiliate product by clicking on your link.
  2. You can start a YouTube channel and by making a time table, you can share information related to your skill or industry with people.If you remain regular and share quality information, then your community will keep on forming and after this you will be able to generate income by putting affiliate links in your videos.
  3. You can create valuable posts by creating your page on Instagram & Facebook and share your affiliate link there.
So in this way you can monetize your content by using affiliate marketing.

Direct Selling

If you have a strong follower base who watches your content or engages with it, then it is called a digital asset for you or you can also call them leads.

You can sell any of your premium content to these leads, like an e-book or your course.

In these courses, you will share some advanced level information apart from your free and basic information, by purchasing which your followers and subscribers will get benefit in their career.

If you want, you can sell courses, products or sell any of your services; your ultimate goal should be to improve people's lives.

To sell your content or any product, you can design a website, sell them on any other third party websites or even list your products on Instagram Shop.

For example, if you are a photographer and you click good quality pictures, then you can sell those pictures on websites like Shutterstock, iStock, Adobe Stock.

Similarly, Digital Marketing is quite a trend nowadays, so you can learn Digital Marketing, implement all the strategies practically, and finally make a course and then sell it.

However, if you sell content or your product on your website or Instagram page, then for this you will need to bring traffic & followers to your business website & Instagram page.

To get followers & relevant traffic, you have to use various digital marketing strategies.

Consulting Services

Starting a consultation means that you are an expert in a particular skill and you can confidently help other people or provide consultation services.

Through consulting services, you can help people who are stuck at some level of their business and do not understand how to grow further.

In such a situation, you can help the employees of the company, the owner of the company or such people who want to interact with you 1 on 1.

Sometimes it also happens that you are teaching a skill to your enrolled members and one of those members wants to talk to you directly and wants to consult with you.

You can interact with such members one to one and solve their problems.

For example, if you want to provide your consultation service in the field of digital marketing and want to help businesses, then first of all you have to learn this skill and gradually gain expertise in it.

After learning this, you will be able to help such businesses who have not been able to shift their business online even in this digital age and are not able to understand which digital marketing strategy they should use.

Under the consultation service, you can charge a consultation fee.

However, you should keep this fee a little low in your initial consulting career and gradually increase it with your experience.

Apart from this, there are many such skills in which you can make a name for yourself with the help of content marketing and by increasing your authority, you can gradually start your consulting service.


If you are thinking of entering the online world, then content creation matters a lot to you.

By creating regular content, people start knowing and recognizing you.

And if you create quality content which can bring some improvements in someone's life by watching or reading it, then gradually people also start following you.

As you gain followers and subscribers, you will also have to focus on your content monetization.

For content monetization, you can provide blogging, affiliate marketing, content marketing, consulting services, etc.

To implement all these strategies, you will first have to win the hearts of your audience with your content or say that you will have to add some value to their lives with your free content.

When you do this, then people will also buy your premium content or product and you will be able to generate an income.