10 Marketing Automation Tools For Small Businesses In 2024!

Do you run a small business and want to automate your workflow? If yes, then you have reached the right place.

Today in this article we will tell you about some of the Best Email Marketing Automation Tools which can help you in daily tasks related to your business (E.g. Social Media Posting, Email Reply, Email Attachment Saving, WhatsApp Chat Response, SMS Response, Instagram Automation, etc.) .) in a very good and easy way which will reduce your involvement considerably.

So let's start today's blog and let's talk about Different Types of Marketing Automation Software's.

1. ConvertKit - An Email Marketing Automation Tool

ConvertKit is the best Email Marketing Software which provides you Email Marketing Automation Services along with many other features which mainly include – Landing Page Design, ConvertKit Integration, ConvertKit Commerce, etc.

ConvertKit has become the first choice of content creators due to its advanced features and with its help, content creators & business owners are able to reach their target audience and increase their conversion rate.

Usage of ConvertKit

One of the many features of ConvertKit is Email Broadcast & Sequencing, which I personally like a lot. If you have brought a new product or service in the market and want to reach it to thousands of your leads, then with the help of this feature you can do this work easily.

With the help of this feature, you can broadcast or send your email to thousands of people according to a particular date or time. With this you will be able to reach more people and there will be more chances of increasing your conversion rate.

ConvertKit Pricing

This Email Automation Software offers two types of subscriptions – Monthly and Yearly. In both the plans, you get three plans each – Free, Creator, and Creator Pro.

You do not have to pay anything for ConvertKit Free Plan and you get the facility to manage 1000 subscribers. Whereas in Creator and Creator Pro Plan you have to pay 29 USD & 59 USD every month.

2. ChatBot - An Onsite Automation Software for Your CMS (Content Management System)

ChatBot is a kind of Virtual Bot that solves the queries of visitors to your website, interacts with them, tells them about your various products & services, etc.

This bot is available 24/7 and helps in personalizing your customer experience. In a way, it helps you in running your CMS on Automation (CMS Automation).

Usage of Chatbot

When you drive traffic to your website using various components of the digital ecosystem, you need someone to interact with your visitors, answer their questions, and tell them about your products and services.

But, the problem is that you cannot hire someone who can interact with the visitors coming to your website 24/7 and work as their virtual assistant. In such a situation, you can use ChatBot as a Virtual Assistant and convert your leads into customers by providing value.

ChatBot Pricing

ChatBot offers four types of pricing plans which include – Starter, Team, Business, and Enterprise.

  • Starter – 1 Active ChatBot and 50 USD Monthly
  • Team – 5 Active ChatBots and 149 USD Monthly
  • Business – Unlimited ChatBots and 499 USD Monthly
  • Enterprise – Fixed Price Contract With Annual Billing

3. Chat API - A WhatsApp Automation Tool

Chat API is a type of programming interface that provides real-time experience of messages & SMS.

Chat API is mostly used for WhatsApp Automation, under which WhatsApp can be integrated with any business website & CRM.

Through this, you can send a message on WhatsApp to a specific lead or to a particular group and read these WhatsApp messages.

Usage of Chat API

If you do any online business and a large community follows you, then it becomes important that you connect with them on chat systems like Whatsapp. However, it is not possible to connect with every community member individually, but you can connect with them by creating a group and take the help of Chat API Platform to interact with them. Also, you can automate your messages according to a specific time or date and interact with your community.

Chat API Pricing

Chat API offers a free trial for the first three days and after that you have to pay 39 USD per month.

4. TextLocal - A SMS Marketing Automation Tool

“The XXXX amount is credited to your account.” You must have been receiving such messages. But do you think that someone really types these messages for you and then sends them to you? No. All these messages are automated where a tool like TextLocal is used.

If we talk about TextLocal, then it is such an SMS Marketing Automation tool that you can use for running Smarter SMS Campaigns for business, sending Reminders, Two Way Interaction, and Bulk SMS Service.

Usage of TextLocal

Whenever you launch a new product or service, along with posting related content on your website and social media, you also need to send SMS to your leads so that you can continuously follow-up them and get information about your product. Can invite them to the Grand Launch of.

Apart from this, whenever you plan a Webinar, you have to inform your Leads about it and tell them what value they will get from this Webinar. In this situation also you can use TextLocal.

Textlocal Pricing

According to its pricing plans, you are provided the facility to send 10 to 10 lakh SMS. Under this, if you buy a bundle of 10 SMS, then you do not have to pay any money for it and if you buy a bundle of SMS ranging from Rs 1000, 2000, 5000 to Rs 10 lakh, then you have to pay different cost for each bundle.

5. Mobile Monkey InstaChamp - Tool for Instagram Automation

Mobile Monkey's InstaChamp Automation Tool is known for automating Instagram. With its help, you increase your engagement and are able to communicate with your followers & visitors in a better way.

If your followers ask some questions on an Instagram post or send you a direct message, then you can reply to them with the help of this Instagram Automation Tool.

Rather, we can say that InstaChamp automates all those things which are responsible for the interaction between you and your followers, due to which your involvement also reduces significantly.

Usage of InstaChamp

If you are posting a post related to any of your new products, then you can use InstaChamp Tool to increase 24/7 engagement on that post. With this you can drive traffic to your website and convert them.

Mobile Monkey Pricing

Mobile Monkey offers three types of Pricing Plans – VIP, Platinum, and Startup Plans

  1. InstaChamp VIP – Free Plan
  2. InstaChamp Platinum – 9.95 USD Per Month
  3. InstaChamp Startup – 59 USD Per Month

6. Twilio - A Voice Calling Automation Tool

Twilio is a voice automation tool that automates your voice calling tasks, allowing you to create an engaging experience with your customers.

Usage of Twilio

If you want to tell your customer to reset their account password, give a reminder, or tell them the launch date of a new product, you can use its Voice API to do all these tasks in your own way. You can automate it by customizing it.

Twilio Pricing

Twilio offers four types of Voice Pricing Options – 
  1. Local Calls
  2. Toll-Free Calls
  3. Browser / App Calling
  4. SIP Interface.
Under these, you have to pay some charges for listening to calls and making calls. Price of Per Minute Call is 0.0040 USD Per Min. Starting from 0.2632 USD Per Min. Goes till.

7. HubSpot - For CRM & Content Marketing Automation

HubSpot is a Powerful Inbound Marketing & Sales Software that helps in Marketing Automation & Sales Automation of your business.

With the help of this CRM Automation, you can prepare your marketing campaigns and convert your leads into customers.

HubSpot Automation Tool helps you capture details of visitors visiting your website. Along with this, thanks to its advanced tool, you can see what your visitors are doing on your website and what they are showing more interest in. After knowing this, you can sell them products and services related to the same thing.

Usage of HubSpot

You can use HubSpot anytime, anywhere and by collecting data of your leads, you can nurture your leads through its Email Marketing Tool and ultimately increase your sales.

Apart from this, if you also want to automate your workflow, then with the help of HubSpot Automation, this work can also be done with great accuracy.

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot's Basic plan starts at 50 USD and gets more expensive as you add other features to it.

8. Pardot - For Marketing Analytics

Pardot is a Marketing Automation Software that helps in generating more Leads & Connections for any Businesses which is ultimately effective in increasing Sales Revenue.

Pardot is a complete marketing solution under which it provides services like B2B Marketing Analytics Automation, Salesforce Engage, Account-Based Marketing, etc.

Usage of Pardot

If you want to promote your business and are thinking of marketing it, then in that situation you will have to bring your marketing on automation mode so that your marketing can continue and at the same time you can focus on other tasks.

In such a situation, Pardot comes as a complete solution for you which automates marketing and sales workflows like Lead Tracking, Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, and Sales Automation.

Pardot Pricing

Pardot offers 4 types of plans – Growth, Plus, Advanced, and Premium.

  1. Growth– Up to 10000 Contacts, 1250 USD Per Month With Smarter Marketing Automation
  2. Plus – Up to 10000 Contacts, 2500 USD Per Month With Marketing Automation & Analytics
  3. Advanced – Up to 10000 Contacts, 4000 USD Per Month With Artificial Intelligence & Analytics
  4. Premium– Up to 75000 Contacts, 15000 USD Per Month With Predictive Analysis & Support

9. Pabbly Connect - For Integration Automation

Pabbly Connect is an online automation tool that automates your repetitive tasks and saves your precious time.

The specialty of this Indian tool is that you can integrate many applications into it and create a workflow. You can easily automate your tasks by adding multiple triggers & actions in that workflow.

Its Pabbly Connect Lifetime Deal provides you many premium features like Multi Step Automation Calls, Instant Triggers.

Usage of Pabbly Connect

If till now you were following a workflow in which you had to go from one application to another and enter some details manually, then there is a good news for you. With the help of Pabbly Connect Integration, you can integrate all those apps together and create a workflow for all your tasks.

Pabbly Connect Pricing

Pabbly Connect provides four types of pricing plans – Free, Standard, Pro, and Ultimate.

  1. Free – 0 USD and 100 Tasks Per Month
  2. Standard – 10 USD and 12000 Tasks Per Month
  3. Pro – 20 USD and 24000 Tasks Per Month
  4. Ultimate – 40 USD and 50000 Tasks Per Month

10. HootSuite - A Social Media Automation Tool

HootSuite is a Social Media Management App that manages all your Social Media Platforms from one place, saving you the time of using different apps.

With the help of this app's Social Media Automation capabilities, you can schedule all your posts, automate your personal messages, and increase your social following.

Usage of HootSuite

If you have a team handling social media or you yourself handle every social media app related to your business, then it would take you a lot of time to handle them. In such a situation, you can use HootSuite and keep an eye on the engagement on your various social posts. With this you get to know what kind of interaction your followers are having. This helps you in putting the right content and you are able to add more followers & customers.

HootSuite Pricing

HootSuite offers four types of pricing plans – 
  1. Professional
  2. Team
  3. Business
  4. Enterprise.
Its plan is Rs. Starting from Rs.1260 to Rs. It goes up to Rs 45000 per month and the Enterprise Plan has custom features and its cost is also decided according to the needs of your business.


By using these 10 tools of Marketing Automation, your businesses will keep running on autopilot mode.

When your business runs on autopilot, you will be “free from time and location bound workplaces”.

With this, you can focus on your existing business as well as new businesses because now you have freedom of time.